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Just A Note!

Queen Anne's Lace

Queen Anne’s Lace

Well, I’m gearing up for tomorrow’s blog hop reveal! Nature has always been one of my biggest inspirations for my jewelry designs. I took this photo of Queen Anne’s Lace on a day I like to call “Denver weather.” That’s when the sun is shining jubilantly and the humidity is low, just fabulous!

Anyhoo, so as I mentioned in my last post, I named my blog project “Summer’s Last Rose”, inspired by my favorite flower. I really enjoyed working on it and am happy with the colors I selected for it. The main design element that I chose is a favorite of mine as well. Looking forward to sharing it with you tomorrow. Have a good night everyone!

Update No. 2

A work in progress – WIP:

Beginnings of a new pendant.
Beginnings of a new pendant

An ephemera background, a beautiful brass ox floral wreath motif, and a hand painted and patina’d raw brass bird motif. I hope I’ve succeeded in making it resemble a blue bird! (Brass components are all from my favorite supplier, B’Sue Boutiques.)

As the pendant progresses

As the pendant progresses

In this photo, you see the progression of the pendant’s colorization. I have now used Vintaj patinas on the “flowers” and “leaves”. I selected and mixed a few different colors to come up with a palette I was happy with. Yep, I sure am! 🙂

Vintaj patinas that I had selected for colorizing the pendant flowers were mixed together for just the right shade(s).

Test Palette
                   Test Palette

Stay tuned!

Build a Line Challenge, Round Three! And this is the final Reveal for this challenge!


First and foremost, I want to thank Brenda Sue Lansdowne of B’Sue Boutiques for the Build a Line Challenge class that we’ve all been able to be a part of. We had some fabulous discussions and I will need to go back and consult the files, as some brilliant direction was offered. We discussed so many makering gems at length, and then more questions were raised. A whole lotta jewelry shakin’ goin’ on, that’s for sure!! So, thank you, Brenda, for that and for your generosity as well. You would not believe the prizes that were had from B’Sue Boutiques these past few months!

And secondly, this has been an amazing journey for me! I was so trepidatious when I began with the challenge of writing this blog as one of the requirements for participating in the Build a Line Challenge. But, do you know what? I met a lot of very talented artists along the way. I mean, unbelievable! We all have our quirks, some more than others, myself included. Hey, we’re human! But, happily we’re appreciated by our fellow artists anyway. And although some of us have suffered, and are suffering, some life altering events while participating in this challenge, the art these gals have come up with is nothing short of stunning! So after my short story and new blog photos I’m posting for this hop, please check out as many of these awesome artist’s work as you can. You will not be disappointed! The list for these many talented artists follows my blog below.

So to update, I’ve been gathering more materials, ideas, making new pieces, colorizing, and just plain old having fun! I’m continuing with my shabby chic style and colors for my Afternoon Tea Collection. Annnd! An idea struck me for another collection! Remember my “Paris is Calling” necklace that I mentioned in one of my last blogs? If you don’t, I’ll post a pic for you. Anyhoo, so I decided to start a new collection which will be named “Paris is Calling”. It will still have some shabby vibes but perhaps a little more boho style added to it as well. I think that’s a great idea, don’t you?

Shabby Sky Blue Leaf Earrings

Shabby Sky Blue Leaf Earrings

And don’t forget to visit my Etsy shop at www.VRBBoutique.etsy.com! And jewelry artists, you gotta check out B’Sue Boutiques at http://www.bsueboutiques.com! She carries the best quality US made components. I’m spoiled now, I can’t go back to using anything else in my designs. You will love using them in your designs.

So without further a ‘due, here is some more shabby chic style eye candy for you!

The prettiest soft blue leaf earrings and necklace will be added to my Afternoon Tea Collection. The lovely sky blue floral necklace on a leaf base is just perfect with the sky blue earrings. The pendant suspends from a satin matte gold plated rolo chain and closes with a SMG lobster clasp.IMG_3449 - Copy

IMG_3444 - Copy


IMG_3432 - Copy (2)

Afternoon Tea Statement Necklace
Afternoon Tea Statement Necklace

Now, I would love to walk you through just a couple of steps of creating two pieces being added to my Afternoon Tea Collection soon. The heart with a bird piece is slated to become a brooch and the beautiful blue floral piece will be a necklace.

And being revealed for the first time here, a perfect for spring, light peach floral assemblage necklace, part of my Afternoon Tea Collection.

Paris is Calling Necklace
Paris is Calling Necklace

IMG_3425I started with the bird stamping, coloring it in shabby blue and glazing it to give it a vintage feel. I did the same with the white leaves and feather plume. I then selected the satin matte gold heart pendant as a base. Then I collected various components like the pretty bisque roses, the faux pearl cabs, and the poly clay leaves as seen in the photo to the left.

IMG_3427 - CopyIn the photo to the right, I’ve started grouping the components on the base piece. Soon I will securely attach them to the base. I may change the pieces up a bit before I’m completely finished with it. Below is a photo depicting an idea of what it may look like when I’m closer to getting her finished.IMG_3428

This next piece I’m debating on whether to make it into a necklace/brooch combo. Hmm, we shall see…IMG_3422 - Copy

I started with painting and glazing the base for n antique look, then hand painted the pretty light blue brass flowers using several steps. Then the fun part! Playing with several components to form the assemblage piece. IMG_3426 - Copy - Copy

IMG_3431 - Copy (2)

The completed piece along with personalization.

I am very pleased with how my shabby style line and collections are coming along! I am now on my way to Forging a New Path! Stay tuned!

Victorian Rose Boutique BALC

Victorian Rose Boutique BALC


And last but not least, our fur baby helper, Meep. Couldn’t have done it without you!



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