So, a little about me. My name is Catherine, and I’m a little shy, so blogging is a new journey as well. I really enjoy making jewelry designs and have for some time. I made beaded jewelry as a teen, but didn’t get back to it until a car accident laid me up several years ago. Well, I needed to find something that I could do that wasn’t strenuous, so I tried painting at first. Hmm, maybe painting in bed wasn’t such a great idea. So, what else comes in bunches of colors that I could play with while laid up in bed? A light bulb went off, and the love of beading that I had had as a teen, re-emerged.

Oh, and accompanying me along this journey will be Mr. Meep, our beloved Maine Coon cat. He’s quite the entertainer and I’m sure he will help me relax (in between taking off with my “shinies”). So, stay tuned!!


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