Why Not a Blue Bee?

I had, had this little guy laying around for some time now. Just wasn’t sure what to do with him as I’m not “into” bugs. But this beautiful new product from Swellegant (color called Skye Sapphire patina) came to my attention and I really wanted to give it a try. As you can see, it’s a stunning blue color! After that, everything just fell into place. Take a look!

Well, why not a blue bee? He can be a fantasy bee that’s just pretty and doesn’t sting. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, ha-ha!

I’d also had the beautiful Czech cobalt cab in my stash so that’s what I mean when I say things just fell into place. I placed it in a lacy bezel brass ox and attached it securely to the bee’s “abdomen”.

Completed Blue Bee Pendant
Completed Blue Bee Pendant

In the photo below, you see I’ve started collecting coordinating beads for a hand wired chain. Ooh, they’re going to look so pretty with the bee, don’t you think?

Blue Bee with beads to be used for a beaded chain

The following photos show the progression of the creation of my Blue Bee Pendant.

Working on Blue Bee's Wings

Working on Blue Bee’s Wings

Close-up Progression

Close-up Progression

The photos show that I’ve poured the Swellegant Skye Sapphire patina in a plastic bottle cap from which I carefully sponged it onto the wings. The bee motif stamping had already been prepped with ivory spray paint a while ago.

Blue Bee all ready for the sparkling glass cab
Blue Bee all ready for the sparkling glass cab

After rubbing him out a bit, the photo shows the  colorizing accents I did with Swellegant’s copper metal coating along with Lumiere’s acrylic bronze paint for highlighting. I also used a bit of the Lumiere to accentuate the lines in his wings. Then I added another coat of Sky Sapphire patina. After sealing, he’s all ready for the final step as shown in the photo above with the blue cab.


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